In addition to markers from 3rd party Joomla applications, Geocode Factory can also display data from kml/kmz/GeoRss feeds.


In this example we'll see a feed of the last 50 earthquakes worldwide, provided by the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC) and updated in real time.

This is the next feature requested by our alien clients (red icon). Apparently, they have some very sensitive equipment and wish to avoid seismic activity(blue markers based on kml)!

The EMSC provides xml based feeds and this what the feed page of the EMSC looks like. Another example (not used here) is the feed page of the British Geological Survey whic uses GeoRSS and KML data.

How To Configure

The way to achieve this is very simple. In your map manager select the map of your choice. Then, under the "Additional data" tab simply enter the url link of the feed in the "Custom layers" box as seen below:  

KML-XML-GeoRSS layers